Tech Talk Co-op:

I started Tech Talk Co-op because I witnessed first-hand how the eBook and Amazon transformed the book publishing industry with lightening speed. I know from personal experience that lack of understanding about how quickly the online business environment changes lead to loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of market share, loss of collaborative possibilities.

If you drive a car and are a member of Triple AAA — American Automotive Association — you will immediately understand what Tech Talk Co-op is all about.  With Triple A, when you need a jump start, your membership guarantees that your receiving the assistance you need.

Become a member of Tech Talk Co-op.  When your digital vehicle (your business website) breaks down and you can’t figure out why, contact us for assistance. As with Triple A, additional charges apply depending on your level of membership, the nature of the tech break-down, and what’s required to get you back on the information highway.

Tech Talk Co-op offers online/offline technology coaching to digital immigrants with online business aspirations. Many are women.

Women in the workplace are already at an economic disadvantage. Add fear or discomfort with the technological know-how it takes to run an online business, and the result may be a start-up with a wonderful sales position and value proposition that sputters and stalls rather than taking off.

In the age of an evolving Internet revolution, digital immigrant women failing to conquer the digital divide walk one step behind, or may be left behind — lost in the growing sector of multiple jobs holding, low wage earners,  raising children.

Using the analogy of getting a digital driver’s license and becoming a competent navigator on the Information Super Highway, Tech Talk Co-op and Tech Empowerment Network are portals to learning at your own pace.

Tech coaching programs begin with learn-on-your-own-fundamentals that support the next level — group and private coaching.  Membership opens up a variety of learning portals.

Women entrepreneurs are encouraged to connect with Tech Talk for fundamentals and support.