Techie 101

There are 5 –count ’em– 5 key areas to grasp for you to master online Tech 101

Once you’ve skimmed the overview of Techie 101 here, you’ll understand how these elements work together to brand your unique value or sales position, enhance user experience, generate curiosity, offer reassurance of having been there and done that.

These 5 key technological activities are how you establish yourself as the “Find it Here” producer and are discovered to be the person your community, tribe or planetary system knows, likes, trusts. These 5 key areas of Techie 101 are how you go from nothing but a big idea (for you)  and generating that sense of connection, loyalty and friendly kinship that comes with give and take, take and give.

You want to be the person who actively helps your tribe shift from feeling stressed out, out of control, frustrated, in a state of self-doubt, confusion, or completely blocked about….X.

Here are the 5 key areas of technology under the umbrella of Tech 101

As you check the following list, be honest about where you need to strengthen your capacity to be in charge of the technology used on your site, or used by you.  Dive into the new tech vocabulary. Tech terms include funny names which may or not make sense to you. Go with flow, flow into more…knowing.

Here’s a link to an excellent resource for internet/online vocabulary

Your goal is to read, notice what vocabulary is found in each of these topic areas. You’ll be amazed how quickly you make the vital associations between tech vocabulary,tech concepts and tech actions.

Really, that’s all there is to it

You know why you want or need to know this Tech 101 information. You know your biggest stumbling block. You are committed to putting an end to a sense of nagging frustration, or knowing that only half of your ass is covered by what you think you know. You have singular questions about this or that technical quirk that grabs your attention but in reality each question arises from the primary areas of and all possible sub-functions:

Tech 101  – 5 Key areas

#1.  Website: choosing a domain name, buying a domain, paying for hosting, setting up a website

  • This is the fundamental step for showing/telling/explaining what it is you are doing online and why it’s valuable to your perfect fit of ‘receivers’

#2   Email: choosing an CRM (customer relations management system); a paid email service which includes               automated bulk email distrbution

  • This is the fundamental step for communicating with the receivers who are beginning to find you because they are ‘searching’ for X; X is your keyword. More about this later

#3.  Marketing: Making a lot of noise so people who are searching for X ( and finding hundreds if not thousands of options for connecting with X), have a chance of finding you — you who has the best X out there

  • Landing pages to capture email addresses to incorporate using your CRM to turn on your unique value tap and keep it flowing
  • This opens the gate at the beginning of the path leading to YOU; FIND X HERE!
  • Social media — gossip turned into lucrative channels of commerce — what else can I say?

#4.  Content Creation: Creating the best X out there!

  • This is generating content or products all focused on BEST X HERE
  • articles, blog posts, audio, podcasts, video, training, edu-info, how-to, buy X now
  • The tap is turned on, your access to X is coming out of the tap at full force — enough for your ‘receivers’ to get their feet wet and turn into active, engaged happy receivers of X — that thing that they want that pnlyyou have to pass directly into their experience — they way they want it!
    • recipes, crafting instructions, coolest gymnastic gear, cutest pure bred dogs

#5.  SEO:   Online Map, Signage, Event, Party, Competition, Band, Art Display — whatever it takes to lead your active receivers to your website for the first time, and back again, and again, and again, until their need for X is satisfied — for the time being!

  • If I’m a knitter, I am likely to continue to knit my whole life
  • If I’m a writer or someone who loves to journal, I’m going to do this my whole life
  • If I love shoes, I’m going to continue to put them on my feet
  • If I want to know who else is trying to solve the same health, social, well-being problem I am and I find them through your X portal and you made it easy for me to do this

Everything else you will do online has these 5 threads woven into your experience as a producer/seller/giver and your receivers experience as users/buyers/redistributors of the X that brings you together.

Once set up, these 5 key areas of technology are in a constant, well-controlled state of change until you close your business

Even if you sell the same 10 products for your lifetime, there will always be new people finding out that you have X; there will always be digital communication exchanges; there will always be information exchanges; there will always be smarter, faster, better ways to create a relationship that keeps you and your tribe happy.