Website Set-Up for Beginners

Website Set-Up for Beginners:


Before you set up your website, first you need to know:

  • What you want your web site to do?
  • Are you going to manage the site on your own?
  • Do you want an automated business site: no blogging, sales only?
  • Do you want a personal blog?
  • Are you going to blog with the intention of attracting advertisements?
  • Do you need lots of file space for images: Your photos, artwork, design samples?
  • What are the price points of your products: low, medium high price points may require different eCommerce functionality; SSL expense  a part of your monthly fee or a one-off payment for you through your web hosting plan?

I recommend the fast Word Press web site set up for beginners. However,  there are three easy, template driven platforms to use in creating your first web site. All of these sites offer eCommerce options. I use all of them. I’m a self-taught techie — which translates into lots of time on the computer researching, make great discoveries,  & practicing digital creativity and commerce.

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Information, upgrades and new features on these resources constantly change, and you may not be up to receiving literally hundreds of alerts, offers, & new feature messages in your inbox.

Here’s how easy it is to install a WordPress application in most web hosting accounts:

Are you willing to invest 20 minutes of your time to web site DYI? I hope so! If your goal is generating a passive supplemental income, I suggest you don’t spend thousands of dollars creating a web site. Your money would be better spent get tech coaching — I hope with me — to ensure your managerial independence once your site is up and your product or service is available for sale.

Create & practice on a ‘dummy’ site first — put all your elements together and understand what you are doing. It’s an easy step to go from your dummy site to a real site that the world will see.

Although minor authority site issues arise when you branch out into sub-domains using WordPress or Weebly,  use a subdomain of your main site. Build & store your landing pages in your sub-domain, especially if you use large audio or video files as part of your sales process. These files take up enormous space — even  in the cloud servers — and large files eventually contribute to slower loading of your web site detracting from your users’ experience. With many sites using responsive designs to automatically scale for mobile devices, slow loading time isn’t to your advantage.

Keep your site simple! Or silo your information through use of back-link connected pages from subdomains of your main site. Have no idea what I’m talking about?  That’s okay. I’ll probably generate a webinar on this topic because it’s important point.

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Basic web site:  Weebly; additional fees for using your own domain, HD video, audio file options, product set up & eCommerce options. Wix only offers Facebook  and Twitter automatic social sharing of a new post on your site when you update publishing. There is no site map available and verifying your site is a major pain.

Intermediate web site : Wix; additional fees apply for premium hosting of your own domain. For me, this is one of the distinct disadvantages of using Wix; $20/month is a hefty fee. However, Wix does provide search engine optimization features. However, you will not have a site map option for better SEO and verifying your domain with Webmaster Tools is challenging because there is no customer service phone number — all customer service issues are handle by support tickets.

Basic — Advanced web site: (free) or (not free)

You can  create literally set up a WordPress site in minutes once you have purchased a domain. For anyone else in the world to see your site and be able to explore it, you will have to have it go “live” by having your hosting service turn on the “hosting” function for your site.

Blue Host is dedicated to hosting sites.




…and other hosting sites all offer similar and unique features at monthly fees ranging from $2 to $8.00 a month.